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Fantasy Teams

Here you can check the teams that tourists have sent in and send in your own team.

We're in the Nintendo Football League season now, and it's time for you to join the league and earn a coin. Simply pick the players you want on your team. Note: for all positions, you'll have to pick multiple players/teams (for defenses.) . So for those cases, hold down the CTRL key or the Command key on a Macintosh to select more than one player. If you select more than needed, I will just accept the first players/teams (for defenses) that are selected. If you don't select enough, your team will be without that player/team (for defenses) and I'll let you know that. Backups are risky: they can help you if they play but be a major pulldown of your score if they don't play or play only minimal time. Rookies are noted with "r's"; note that this is the Nintendo Football League's third season of play, so experience isn't as important as overall playing skill. $=1999 MVP, #=2000 MVP, @=1999 Mario Bowl MVP, %=2000 Mario Bowl MVP. For more info, visit the Nintendo Football League web page. Now that I've gone on and on, choose your players/teams (for defenses!) !

Quarterbacks: (pick two)

Tight Ends: (pick three)

Fullbacks: (pick two)

Defenses: (pick two)

What is your team's name?

What is your e-mail address? (for trade & coin stuff only)

Thanks for joining, and I think you will be thankful you joined too! To make trades, you'll have to e-mail me and tell me which player you want to release and which player you wish to sign. Follow the standings and matchups in the schedule to get better results. Trades cost one coin each, but a trade can add more coins in the long run. For the official scoring rules, click here.