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The Ultimate Mario/Koopa Quiz

Welcome to the Ultimate Mario/Koopa Quiz! Since I'll be giving out myriads of coins if you get the questions right, EVERY question will be hard! Here's the list of coins:...

  • 1 coin
  • 2 coins
  • 3 coins
  • 4 coins
  • 5 coins--SAFE HAVEN
  • 7 coins
  • 10 coins
  • 12 coins
  • 15 coins
  • 20 coins--SAFE HAVEN
  • 25 coins
  • 30 coins
  • 50 coins
  • 70 coins
  • 100 coins and award graphic
  • Nintendo Football League scores: Mario Mushrooms 30, Koopa Troopas 16 -- Pikachu Thunder 32, Anime Attackers 26 OT

    Oh, yeah, you want the first question? Are you ready? All, righty, then, here it is!:
    Which of these characters was in Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color?
    A) Katrina
    B) Erika
    C) McHan
    D) Sammi

    What is your name/nickname?

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    Would you like to use a lifeline? (Choose one if necessary.)
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