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Nintendo Football League News

Here's some NFL (Nintendo Football League) News!
Nintendo Football League Week 3 scores: Dark Land Lava 36, Koopa Troopas 30 OT--Frozen Flurries 31, Football Fortress 28 OT
Week 3:
The Mario Mushrooms made it 16 regular-season wins and no losses or ties in a row with a 35-3 blowout of the Yoshi Yo-Yo's, who fell to 0-3 on the season. Mario threw five touchdown passes, and Green Yoshi's last-second, 52-yard field goal was the only thing that prevented a shutout. The Mushrooms became 3-0 on the season, while the Yo-Yo's became 0-3 on the season.
Although the Dark Land Lava lost Bowser for the season, they did not lose the game, as Roy stepped in at quarterback and threw two crucial touchdown passes, giving the Lava a 36-30 overtime victory. Roy threw a TD pass with NO TIME LEFT in regulation and in overtime, sealing the victory and preventing the first tie in NFL (Nintendo Football League) history! Lakitu's three touchdown passes to Tineeko were not enough as the Koopa Troopas fell to 1-2, while Roy's thrilling drive in OT put his team at 2-1.
The Frozen Flurries did what no one thought they could do: start their inaugural season out 3-0. The Flurries won on a 25-yard field goal with NO TIME LEFT in overtime, meaning that they are now the team of destiny, the first-year expansion team who wins a ton of games to start their season, just like the Koopa Troopas in '99, and the Pokémon Trainers in '00. Flurry-Man caught the first TD pass from Flurrier Sr. for the Flurries, and the Flurries took a 28-9 lead on their home turf in Ice Land at Frozen Flurries' Stadium. But Boo Diddly's squad fought back valiantly, and with two TD passes caught by Tubba Blubba and two two-point conversions caught by him as well, the Fortress was able to tie the game with a last-second field goal in regulation. But in OT, the Flurries won, but no after incident. A last-second 33-yard field goal attempt was blocked, but a penalty stopped the first tie game in NFL (Nintendo Football League) history! The Flurries later (on the next play, really!) won on Flurrier Sr.'s last-second 25-yard field goal. The Flurries became 3-0, while the Fortress fell to 2-1.
The Fighting Fire showed how pathetic they really are, because the Grand Goombas just simply pounded them, and the Grand Goombas stink!
Week 2:
The Mario Mushrooms won 30-16, over the Koopa Troopas, extending their regular-season winning streak to fifteen games, straight, in a row, beating those pesky Troopas, winning their second of the season. The Mushrooms won thanks to great defense, including 7 sacks by Wario alone, and Wario scoring a touchdown after he sacked Lakitu and forced a fumble, recovering it and going all the way with it. By the way, the Mario Mushrooms' defense gave any fantasy team with them 35 points, more than any other player or defense for Week 2. The Troopas made a comeback down big time, with a couple of touchdowns and two-point conversions, but it was not enough for them to come back, and they fell, 30-16. The Troopas went to 1-1 on the season, while the Mushrooms went to 2-0 on the season.
The Dark Land Lava won a sleeper over the Yoshi Yo-Yo's, 3-0 (OT), with the 60,000+ crowd sleeping through most of the game. No one had a run or pass completion for 16 yards or more. In overtime, Bowser kicked a 38-yard, game-winning, field goal. The Lava improved to 1-1, but the Yoshi Yo-Yo's unimproved to 0-2, in the second of four straight home games to start their season.
The Football Fortress won 17-12, over the Grand Goombas, with the help of Tubba Blubba, a Paper Mario boss/star, while the Grand Goombas struggled offensively for the second straight week. With Tubba Blubba's touchdown giving the Fortress a 7-3 lead at the half, the Goombas never recovered, and soon fell down 17-6 after a Boo Jr. touchdown catch. Eventually Grand Goomba Sr. got it to his son for a touchdown, but a two-point conversion and the ensuing onside kick both failed, leaving the Goombas with their second straight demoralizing loss. The Goombas, in their third different division in three years and the conference they originally were in after a couple of switches, fell to 0-2, while watching the Fortress triumphantly rise to 2-0.
The Frozen Flurries played out Robert Frost's poem with a fight between Fire and Ice and won, with a 15-0 win over the Fighting Fire. Certainly Fire would win a real battle, and will win in the end, but the Fighting Fire Football Squad could not get anything going. In honor of firefighters in New York, the Flurries fought fire and won, and remain undefeated in their brief, two-game, history. The Fire looked offensively pathetic. The Flurries became 2-0 with the win, while the Fire became 0-2 with the loss.
Certainly Sabrina was ready for the battle between her and archrival Jasmine, her ultimate enemy, the queen of Johto. But Queen Sabrina of Kanto won in overtime, 20-17, on a last-second kick that she placed perfectly through the uprights. Queen Jasmine of Johto failed an extra-point kick to tie the game, but a penalty on the Pokémon Trainers made them try it again. Lorelei scored 13 fantasy points and 12 reality points, so she's a pretty good pickup for your fantasy team. The Pokémon Trainers remained undefeated in the regular season when Sabrina is playing, becoming a 2-0 team, but the Johto Masters realized that a dream first season became even more unlikely, with their team at 0-2.
The game of the week: a battle betweeen the Pikachu Thunder, governed by Giovanni, and the Animé Attackers, certainly only attacking the opponents' defense, and not having anything to do with the terrorist attacks on our America. The Animé Attackers got up 16-0 on Serena's (Usagi's) two touchdown runs (totaling 100 yards on 8 carries) and Rini's (Chibi's) two two-point conversions. But Giovanni's squad fought back valiantly, with Meowth throwing a touchdown to Chikorita, who went down the tubes fantasy-wise Week 1, but was a fantasy warrior and wonder in Week 2, with 15 fantasy points, and letting Sandslash run it for 9 fantasy points. Eventually the game was tied 26-26, but in overtime, with the Animé Attackers threatening, Blastoise made Raye (Rei) fumble, and he took the fumble a long way for a touchdown, ending all the drama. The Pikachu Thunder improved to 1-1, while the Animé Attackers fell to 1-1.
The Titanic Giants and Flying Falcons played mirror football for 60 minutes, before the Giants got the game-winning field goal in overtime for the 20-17 win! Falcons fans watched in terror as Sledgy booted a field goal between the uprights, ending a possible 2-0 start for their squad. Sledgy started it all with a touchdown pass to Big Brother, which was refuted by Captain Falcon's toss to his son, Captain Falcon Junior. In OT, the Giants finally prevailed. The Giants improved to 1-1, while the Falcons fell to 1-1.
The A+ Apes did more than just kill, destroy, murder, and beat the Kirby Superstars. You'd have to use a thesaurus to look up all the ways they did it. A 43-0 win gave the A+ Apes great fantasy points, but more than that, a 2-0 record! The Kirby Superstars, with 7 points in their first two games, fell to 0-2.
Week 1:
The Mario Mushrooms successfully continued their regular-season winning streak and extended it to fourteen games with a 31-28 overtime win over the Dark Land Lava at Dark Land! Mario threw for three touchdown passes and kicked the game-winning 50-yard field goal in overtime, which came after Luigi intercepted a Bowser pass. Roy kicked an extra point and two short 20-yard field goals, which should help you if you've got him on your fantasy team. Bowser had five field goals, also helpful to your stats. But Mario's 333 yards passing and three touchdown bombs will light up your own scoreboard if you have him. Luigi also did well in this game, catching a touchdown and running for another. Mushrooms became 1-0 after this final result, and the Dark Land Lava fell to 0-1!
The Koopa Troopas made a comeback against the Yoshi Yo-Yo's from down 24-7 to win 31-24! Green Yoshi was at his finest, throwing three touchdown bombs in the first half. However, Lakitu kept throwing to Tineeko, and Tineeko got the Troopas back into the game. Down at one point 24-23, Lakitu threw a 20-yard game winner to Tineeko, and Tineeko also caught the two-point conversion. Down 31-24 from the Yoshi Yo-Yo's 40, Yoshi tried one last bomb. It was caught by Rachelle, who relayed it on a lateral to Birdo, who then got it on a lateral to Boshi, who was later wrapped up at the 2 with NO TIME LEFT! The Troopas held on to win, and the Yoshi Yo-Yo's home woes from early last season continued, with a 31-24 loss to the Troopas to fall to 0-1, putting the Troopas at 1-0!
The Football Fortress outplayed completely their rivals and opponents, the Fighting Fire, with a 21-3 win being the final result. Boo Diddly was throwing to Boom-Boom Jr., and that was what one this one for the Football Fortress. For the Fighting Fire, it was all frustration, as Fiery Flamer's squad could only manage one field goal, and his team stood no chance against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year. 1-0 after this one stood the Fortress, while it was 0-1 for the Fire!
It was the first-year Frozen Flurries who froze up the third-year Grand Goombas, not the other way around. The Flurries started their inaugural season home at Ice Land, and won the game 24-8 over the Grand Goombas. Flurrier Sr. threw three touchdown passes, and that was the true difference in this one, as the Goombas never recovered, putting them at 0-1, while the Flurries moved to 1-0!
The Pokémon Trainers won over the Pikachu Thunder 21-17 after a last-second, Hail Mary bomb from Meowth to Charizard was bobbled by Charizard, then intercepted. Sabrina threw for two TD's and also ran for a two-point conversion, keeping her personal eight-game regular season winning streak alive. (She missed the team's only regular season loss ever.) Chikorita fumbled four times, meaning that her stats will go way down, although she only lost two of those fumbles. Giovanni, Pikachu Thunder coach, was irate after several penalties on a two-point conversion gave the Pokémon Trainers several extra chances. (After missing three times, they made it on the fourth try.) The two-point conversion was pivotal in the game, being that if it was missed, the Pikachu Thunder could have tried a game-winning, 50-yard field goal with one second to go, but instead the potential 33-yard touchdown catch was dropped, and later, in the play, intercepted, by Sabrina, in the end zone, for a touchback, instead of a touchdown. (Enough commas for you?) The Pokémon Trainers moved up a notch to 1-0, while the Pikachu Thunder, 0-3 regular season-wise all-time vs. the Pokémon Trainers, finished the week at 0-1!
The big, prime-time (7:00 eastern, 6:00 central) matchup between the two first-year teams turned into a blowout. That's right, an old-fashioned blowout, with the new fashion to it being the teams, the two-point conversion tries, and the new queen of the league. Lita (Mino) caught four touchdown passes and took a blocked kick back for a touchdown as the Animé Attackers beat the Johto Masters 38-0. On the last play of the game, Jasmine set up for a last-second field goal, hoping to end the shutout on foreign soil for the Johto Masters. But the kick was blocked, and the sure three for the Masters became 7 for the Attackers, as Lita (Mino) took it all the way back, 75 yards. Lita (Mino) told everyone in the locker room that by the end of the year, everyone in the Nintendo Football League will call her Queen Lita (Mino) of the Nintendo Football League. We'll see if that holds true... The Johto Masters started the season on a bitter note, falling to 0-1, while the Animé Attackers went up a notch to 1-0!
The A+ Apes came back big time, down 23-0, to make this one a contest. They won it, 26-23, in overtime, over the Titanic Giants. Donkey Kong had been sacked and fumbled, leading to a defensive touchdown for the Titanic Giants, so those Giants will give you big fantasy points. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong had a Hail Mary touchdown pass at the end of the first half taken back when it was ruled that Lanky Kong had intentionally tipped the ball forward, being ruled and called an illegal forward pass on the play, eliminating the touchdown, leaving the Apes down at the half, 10-0. However, in the second half, DK (Donkey Kong) got the A+ Apes moving. With three touchdown passes, two two-point conversions, and an extra point, the Apes put it in OT. After an Apes field goal in OT, the Giants wished their defense could have remained strong in the late second half. The Titanic Giants fell to 0-1, watching those pesky A+ Apes go to 1-0!
The Flying Falcons ruined the Kirby Superstars' debut into the NFL (Nintendo Football League) by a score of 30-7, although those Superstars once held a 7-0 lead. Kirby and his pals used to play on the Flying Falcons, but they decided to become independent this year and form their own team. However, it's tough to say this to a Kirby team, but their team STINKS! The Falcons have only won 4 games out of the first 15 they have played, and they already have their first victory, simply Killing Kirby. The Flying Falcons moved to 1-0 on the season, while the Kirby Stupidstars fell to 0-1!
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