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KHL Standings

Shell Conference Pipe Conference
Koopa Division Points Mario Division Points Troopa Division Points Poke Division Points
y-Desert Land Pyramids 150 z-Yoshi Winners 131 y-Pipe Land Piranhas 114 z-Fast Falcons 113
x-Fire Land Flames 132 x-Oakland Athletics 126 x-Koopa Troopas 109 x-Johto Glaciers 100
Fortress Foes 125 x-Battling Bob-ombs 125 x-Sky Land Flyers 51 x-Icy Pokemon 73
Giant Land Giants 117 x-Mario Stars 125 Grass Land Goombas 50 Pokemon Masters 21
Ice Land Icers 87 Donkey Kong Champions 125 Thwomp Land Thwomps 20 Kirby Checkers 19
Dark Land Koopas 12 Water Land Swimmers 19
x-clinched playoff berth
y-clinched conference title and first-round bye
z-clinched division title and first-round bye