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College Football Playoff System

The NCAA needs to add a playoff format to determine its national champion in football. My idea is to have a 16-team playoff bracket, with the 11 conference champions earning byes to the tournament as well as 5 at-large teams. The seeding of these teams would be determined by the BCS rankings, which would still serve a purpose, to both rank these teams for the tournament as well as deciding the top 5 teams not to win their conference. There would be a separate poll to rank all conference champions, so conference champions that are unlikely to be ranked in the BCS can be seeded (this poll would be secondary to the BCS rankings). In order not to eliminate the bowls, the bowls can still be used as the sites for each game. The 4 BCS bowls would go through a rotation every four years for which one holds the national championship, with two others hosting semifinal games and one of them being part of the quarterfinal round. The four brackets to be used in this proposed format follow below:

This is the general formula the brackets follow:
I will soon add sample brackets that would be used in real life or in my NCAA Football 06 Dynasty if my system was used.
2005 season's playoff bracket in real life, played on NCAA Football 06 by me:

2007 season's playoff bracket in NCAA Football 06: